Participation in proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons is used to determine the ability of laboratory for a competent performance of testing. A periodicity of proficiency testing allows for a constant monitoring of the work quality and defining sources of potential threats to the quality of the results obtained.
Laboratory COBICO is involved, between others, in the following inter-laboratory comparisons in the scope of:

  • The determination of the overall migration - organized by the National Institute of Hygiene, FAPAS and ofi Technologie & Innovation GmbH,
  • The determination of a specific migration-organized by FAPAS and LGC Standards,
  • The determination of the melt flow Rate of thermoplastics - organized by ofi Technologie & Innovation GmbH and the Institute of Plastics Processing - Metalchem,
  • The determination of pH - organized by the Centre for Ecological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the RefMat Association,
  • Water microbiology - organized by the Gdansk Water Foundation,
  • Tests of adhesion of lacquer coatings by cross-cut and chemical resistance of lacquer coatings method - organized by the Institute of Plastics Processing- Metalchem,
  • Measurements of the physical and strength parameters of beverage cans and crown corks - organized by the COBICO Ltd.
  • The determination of sheet metal hardness in Rockwell scale - organized by Newage Testing Instruments, Inc.