COBICO Certification Office is authorised to conduct the certification of organic products processing and marketing of organic products including those imported from third countries.
Organic processed products must be produced by the use of processing methods which guarantee that the organic integrity and vital qualities of the product are maintained through all stages of the production chain (from and including the primary production of an organic product up to and including its storage, processing, transport, sale or supply to the final consumer, and labelling, advertising, import, export and subcontracting activities).
Basic principles to be meet by the processor in accordance with the requirements of COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products are: 

  • production of organic food from organic agricultural ingredients
  • restriction of the use of food additives, of non organic ingredients with mainly technological and sensory functions and of micronutrients and processing aids, so that they are used to a minimum extent and only in case of essential technological need or for particular nutritional purposes
  • exclusion of substances and processing methods that might be misleading regarding the true nature of the product
  • processing of food with care, preferably with the use of biological, mechanical and physical methods
  • preparation of processed organic food shall be kept separate in time or space from non-organic food
  • prohibition on the use of GMOs and products produced from or by GMOs
  • prohibition on the use of ionising radiation

Compulsory indications of products bearing terms referring to the organic production.

Processed food should be labelled as organic only when all or almost all of the ingredients of agricultural origin are organic (when it is prohibited to use the logo in the labelling of in-conversion products or processed foodstuffs consisting of less than 95% of agricultural ingredients of organic origin). Only use ingredients from certified organic farms can be used.