The primary objective of the COBICO Laboratory Ltd. is to meet the requirements of our customers at the highest level. Therefore, in the Laboratory the Management System functioning in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025 has been implemented. The System includes all the activity areas which have an impact on the quality of our services, and the declared aims are pursued between others, by:

  • Timely and consistent execution of test services in compliance with quality requirements,
  • Systematic improvement of testing techniques,
  • Regular participation in interlaboratory comparisons and proficiency testing to confirm the competence of the Laboratory,
  • Surveillance of the test and measurement equipment and maintaining of the measurement consistency,
  • Systematic training of staff in order to improve and maintain the skills,
  • Continuous improvement of the Management System.

To achieve the objectives of the Quality Policy, we ensure that:

  • All staff is properly trained and competent, aware of the quality objectives and involved in their implementation as well as knows documentation of the management system and observes the requirements in their daily work.
  • Effectiveness of our Management System is constantly analyzed, as well as we undertake corrective and preventive actions.

The evidence of the COBICO Laboratory competence and effectiveness of our Management System, are the results of audits, management reviews, proficiency testing, as well as the recognition and trust from the Orderers.
The COBICO Laboratory Ltd. holds the Accreditation Certificate of Testing Laboratory No. AB 086