Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Products and the Union of the Provinces of the Republic of Poland has developed a system that promotes high-quality food. On the basis of the decision of 12 June 2007 Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development recognized "Quality Tradition" scheme the national system of food quality.
COBICO Certification Office provides certification in this field.

“Quality Tradition” mark distinguishes quality food, including traditional products.  Production methods and a product’s character are considered traditional if the product has a history of at least 50 years.
Product quality. This  mark is awarded to high quality food products, in particular to traditional ones. The system covers products of outstanding quality, reputation or other features which distinguish these products from other ones in a given category. The manufacturer declares maintaining higher standards of production or exceptional characteristics (unique qualities) of the products. Before they are allowed to participate in the system, products will be subject to  verification/inspection in accordance with the Rules of Mark. This "Quality Tradition" mark is registered at the Polish Patent Office and protected under the law on industrial property as a common guarantee trademark.
Certification. Manufacturers are required to have a certificate of compliance confirming that the production process is done in accordance with specifications. Manufacturers using "Quality Tradition" trademark should subject their products to control, the aim of which is to ensure that the method of manufacturing is in accordance with the method declared in the application. Our certification body issues certificates valid for three years.

System openess. "Quality Tradition" scheme is open to all farmers, agricultural producers, processors in the country and abroad, members of the Chamber and those not belonging to this association. The only criterion for admition to the system is the quality of the product. You can not refuse, without good reason, the right to use the mark for entrepreneurs who meet the criteria set out in the regulations. Participation in the scheme to confirm the quality of the food production is completely voluntary.
Transparency and traceability of the product. Statute of "Quality tradition" Mark establishes the rules and procedures for the use of the mark. Using it, producers are obliged to determine the frequency and extent of control and documentation in order to ensure full traceability.