System Quality Meat Program (QMP)


The COBICO Certification Office provides certification services in the QMP Quality Meat Program, which in 2008 was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as the official national quality system for beef.

The QMP system pays special attention to animal welfare, environmental protection and the promotion of safe and good cooking of beef.

The QMP System standards cover the entire beef production process, from breeding to receiving the finished product for the customer. The system pays particular attention to the selection of cattle breeds for the best meat and the careful packaging and marking process. By preserving and adhering to the principles set, QMP beef delivered to the customer is characterized by brittleness, juicyness, repetitive tastiness regardless of the region of origin.

Accession to QMP, a high quality guaranteed beef system, is voluntary. The system is addressed to producers of meat cattle, feed manufacturers, livestock carriers and meat processors, and its participants submit to the control of an independent certification body.

Traceability at each stage of production

All participants in the QMP System (breeder, processor, feed manufacturer and transport company) are required to adhere to the rules described in the system requirements.

Recognition. According to the COBICO System as an independent, documented competence, certification body, indicated and authorized by the system administrator of the PZPBM System Polish Meat Cattle Association to confirm the application of the rules in the QMP System.

Certification. All interested in certification should be familiar with the requirements of the system, which detail the guidelines to be met in the certification process.