The COBICO Laboratory has performed tests of treated seeds by Heubach method to the existing ESA - European Seed Association guidelines.

The Heubach's test has been used to determine the quality of treated seeds - says about the amount of a free dust released under certain conditions from the treated seeds.

The dust reference values that were developed by ESA are listed below: 

  • Corn: 0.75g of dust/ 100 000 seeds
  • Oilseed rape: 0.50g of dust/ 700 000 seeds
  • Sugar beet: 0.25g of dust/ 100 000 seed pellets
  • Sunflower: 0.40g of dust/ 75 000 seeds
  • Cereals: 4 g of dust/100 kg
  • Carrot, witloof: 0.1 g of dust/100 000 seeds
  • Onions: 0.2 g of dust/100 000 seeds
  • Sweet corn: 0.75 g of dust/100 000 seeds 
  • Green and seeded beans: 0.4 gr of dust/ 100 000 seeds
  • Vegetable peas: 0.2 g of dust/100 000 seeds         
  • Cotton: 6 g of dust/100 kg. The value will be advisory for the time being. It will become normative on July 1, 2023.

In order to raise and confirm our competence, the Cobico Laboratory participates annually in international comparative research organized by FNPSMS / GERM-Services, achieving very good results.