In the COBICO LABORATORY, metal as well plastics packagings and packaging materials are tested, i.e.:

  • Food cans,
  • Beverage cans,
  • Crown corks (caps),
  • Twist-offs (twists-off for jars),
  • Easy open ends,
  • Sheet metals for packagings and metal closures,
  • Lacquers for packagings and metal closures,
  • Sealing compounds,
  • Granules for seals of crown corks,
  • Caps for PET bottles,
  • Plastics packagings,
  • Aerosol containers,
  • Etc.

Currently, about 98% of all types of products offered on the market require a packing. For materials and articles intended for contact with food, so the packagings and packaging materials, applies the law for producers to obey the legislation in this area. This means, that packaging manufacturers, as well as food manufacturers must have the test results necessary to demonstrate compliance of the materials and articles intended for contact with food with the applicable regulations. These requirements are determined, between others, by the EC Regulation (EU legislation), National Regulations and Directives as well as international standards, eg.:
"Materials and articles, including active and intelligent materials and articles, shall be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practice so that, under normal or foreseeable conditions of use, they do not transfer their constituents to food in quantities which could:

  • endanger human health; or
  • bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food; or
  • bring about a deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics thereof"

In the COBICO laboratory are performed the tests for compliance with such requirements as well as technical specifications and conditions, including:‚Äč

In addition, within the scope of carried out work the Laboratory makes: selection of materials for specific groups of packagings, selection of packagings to specified processed foods in order to maintain their properties throughout the whole period of storage, implementation of new packagings and their production technologies, surveillance of the production process. And furthermore makes assessment of the shape and dimensions of steel and aluminium easy open ends scores by metallographic method.