The packaging provides optimal conditions for storage and transport and protects the product against degeneration of its properties caused by presence of gases like oxygen, water vapour or carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure optimal parameters of the packaging, depending on whether it is used for: food, medical, pharmaceutical, beauty care or agricultural and industrial products.
The parameter describing the ability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour to diffuse though the packaging material is its permeability. The results of permeability testing can often be directly related to stability and shelf life of the packaged product.

Moreover, it confirms that the packaging material retains its protective properties throughout the entire life cycle depending on its use.

We offer measurement of barrier properties of a broad spectrum of plastics packaging materials against the following gases:

oxygen (O2TR – F1927 – 14)

carbon dioxide (CO2TR – F2476 – 13)

water vapour (WVTR – F1249 – 13).